To get the ball rolling, we’ll take a broad overview of what to expect in this course and then introduce you to the high-level concepts of systematic review and meta-analysis and take a look at who produces and uses systematic reviews.

Module 1: Framing The Question

In this module, we will discuss how to frame a question, as well as scope, elements, and refining the question.

Module 2: Finding the Evidence - Searching Principles

In this module we will look at finding the evidence, as well as key sources, search strategy, and assessing the risk of bias.

Module 3: Assessing the Risk of Bias in Clinical Trials

Module 4: Minimizing Metabias

In this module, we will cover minimizing metabias, selection bias, information bias, how to report transparently, qualitative synthesis, and interpreting results.

Module 5: Qualitative Synthesis and Interpreting Results

Module 6: Planning the Meta-Analysis

This module will cover the planning of your meat-analysis and the statistical methods for meta-analysis.

Module 7: Statistical Methods for Meta-Analysis

Wrap Up

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